Vrisnik is a small and quiet village with, like many other places, huge and untold history.

 Escape here with friends and family during the summer by the poolside with an abundance of sun, or outside of the high season enjoy calm and a moderate climate.

 If you are up for a more adventurous type of holiday, this is a great place for hiking, biking, canoeing, sightseeing and boat trip.

 There are many charming villages nearby, lots of restaurants that serve tasty and healthy local cuisine.

 During your stay, we even include a broad selection of our own homemade local products like wine, olive oil, vinegar, prosseco, grappa and all kind of season fruits and vegetables.

Bellow you will find several usefull links. If you plan to have a trip with bikes,cars, boats or on foot we will flood you with necessery information. We will be there for any question, from food and culture to nightlife and activities.



The Owners


The Grgicevic Family has inhabited The village of Vrisnik since the beginning of time. Pjero Grgicevic is one of the few people that mastered the craft of building stone houses the local traditional way. He rebuilt the old house that stood on the place where now Villa Ambroz resides, the villa being named after his father Ambroz Grgicevic.
The neighbouring houses belong to the relatives and in this small community everyone reaches out to help one another. While some of our family members moved to Jelsa or elsewhere, our hearts still belong to Vrisnik, and the intertwined village of Humac. Humac is an old settlement further east on the island, that the inhabitants of Vrisnik used as temporary homes to work in the fields. We are currently renovating houses in Humac to restore this historical heritage and revive the village.
Being people of the island, we live off the land and the sea, produce fruits, vegetables and catch fish.